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Mike Boone & Joanne (Jo) Pronger Faulkner (with our littlest nephew)

Christmas photo 2019. Boondocks Essential Wellness. Dryden, Ontario, Canada.

 We are Mike Boone & Jo Pronger Faulkner, born & raised in the Dryden / Wabigoon Ontario area. We are not the typical health nuts who run a mini marathon each morning and live on smoothies. We are just regular people trying to make better health and wellness choices, more often.

After many years living in BC, Alberta as well as nearly a year in Nicaragua building a vacation home on a Caribbean island, we ventured "home" again to our roots in Dryden in August 2018 to be closer to family.

Even though we enjoy living life to the fullest, we are no strangers to health issues. Mike has sustained many sports and work-related injuries including over 30 broken bones, sciatica & a crushed disc in his back. He is a truck driver putting in long hours (with frequent night shifts) sitting in the driver's seat traveling bumpy logging roads. On weekends he builds rustic furniture, requiring lots of upper body physical exertion. 

Jo struggled since 2007 with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (from a horseback riding injury) and then since 2010 with an autoimmune disease (Lupus & Hypothyroidism) that resulted in taking a handful of pills on a daily basis for several years. Many of the prescriptions caused side effects which then led to additional prescriptions. Despite also having surgery in early 2017 for invasive melanoma (skin cancer), she has now been pill-free since December 2016 thanks to some drastic changes in diet and lifestyle.

We have both dealt with chronic pain for many years but have found natural ways to support our health and well-being in ways we never thought possible. We thought essential oils were just air fresheners to make the house smell nice! Because that's what the grocery store and pharmacy oils are. They smell nice, but they don't "do" much (if anything) for your body. There is a very big difference between 'perfume' oils and 100% pure plant extracts.

We now use therapeutic grade (the highest quality) essential oils and oil-infused products/supplements on a daily basis, including with our dogs. We stopped using toxic grocery store laundry soaps & cleaning products. When we see a new product on store shelves, we google it or look it up on the "THINK DIRTY" app. Anything rated above a "3" should not be in your home or on your body. Just as an example, our fave laundry soap of choice was "Gain" and it's a 9 because of the diethylene glycol in it, which, according to the app "has some neurological effects." No thank you! And even if you think it's ok to just use "that one" favourite product with questionable ingredients, toxic overload from accumulation over time can actually be quite serious. Our bodies store a lot more than we think!

Our family and friends (including dogs and horses!) have also experienced the benefits of essential oils and a non-toxic lifestyle. We make our own "DIY" oil-infused products under the Boondocks Essential Wellness name using only Young Living oils, because we love the company's 25 year track record for the highest standards and that they own their own farms we can visit. 

Gary Young, the founder of Young Living Essential Oils, traveled the world for decades learning from the best of the best; the world's experts. Young Living has the largest essential oils research database in the world. 

Knowing where our products come from is of utmost importance. Young Living controls every single step of production, from SEED to SEAL. It's not just a slogan. It's their promise.

Through our continual learning in the world of natural health and wellness we can provide you with helpful, life-changing products. Young Living has over 600 products of their own(!), and we make things like all-natural bug repellent, nasal inhalers, oil-infused epsom salts, toxin-free deodorant, and more. We sell products at many of the local weekend markets, and if you'd like to delve deeper into using oils and making your own products, we would love to have you join our team to get 24% off your own oils! Imagine making your own perfume that didn't make your friends sneeze, using oils that are therapeutic grade, good for your health, and even safe for ingestion. Essential oils open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Using our referral link, a membership for a Young Living account is free (in Canada) so it's very worthwhile to open a WHOLESALE account and get 24% off all your Young Living oil products! You don't have to sell to have a wholesale account, either. If you sign up under us, we are your support team and will help teach you what we know, and we can learn more together as well.

Welcome to our website and we hope you will JOIN US on this health and wellness journey for yourself and your family.

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