Classes and "Make & Take" Parties


Looking for a how-to on essential oils?


We can teach in your home or ours, one-on-one or group classes/parties. Content will vary depending on your learning goals but generally these are highly informative, fun, and informal. There is NO CHARGE for information sessions and if any of your guests wish to sign up and buy an oil or two, or a Premium Starter Kit, they can be placed under you so you'll start a team right away. If you don't want to do a business and prefer they sign up under Jo or Mike, that's fine too!

Morning, afternoon or evening times available. 

Weekdays and weekends too!

Want to do this as a "wine & chocolate" night with some friends? Great! 

Want to meet at your favourite restaurant and have some food & bevvies while learning about starter kits? Awesome! 

Want to just stay home, have the family there and keep it low-key? That's great too! Or just you? One-on-ones allow for in-depth learning and lots of sampling so yes, that's perfect too!

Got kids coming over after school and want to give them something fun and educational to do? 

However you'd like to learn, we can accommodate.


What kinds of information?

We have a powerpoint slideshow that is highly useful, but if you'd like it less formal, we can just have a friendly chat and answer your questions.

We also have hand-outs that are printed from Pub Med, as well as other articles we will leave with you to read at your convenience.

We will talk about oils, pass some around to smell, and answer questions. Essential oils are complex and Young Living has over 600 products so we aim to keep things simple for first timers but can add more information for those who want it.


Make & Takes

Just like what it says!

We bring the stuff to the party, you and your friends make the stuff, you and your friends take the stuff home! 

This can be with a group or just you - your choice!

$25 per person to cover supplies/oils. If you have 4 or more guests (plus yourself), your $25 fee is WAIVED!

Guests are offered a list in advance of what products they wish to make. Depending on ingredients, most people get to take home 3-4 different things such as nasal inhalers, epsom salts, room/pillow spray, yoga mat spray, hand soap, face-care, cough/cold roller bottle, and other products as we add to our list.

Please email for more details and let's book your make & take party!