Just an inhaler & essential oils

Quit without vaping! No smoke, no heating element, just inhalation of pure essential oils. 

A FUM is a small wooden tube made from Canadian maple. It is basically like a straw, with nothing that heats up or plugs in or burns anything.

In the wider end (near the logo) you insert a cotton core, or wick, that has a couple of drops of essential oils on it. Then you inhale  with your mouth and exhale through your nose (for maximum benefit).

Black pepper essential oil is a great health product to replace nicotine cravings with, but you can also use Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint and other oils in your FUM too! Great for relieving anxiety, coughs and colds, or helping with joint pain, not just to quit smoking.

That NPN number on the label also means Health Canada has approved Young Living's Black Pepper essential oil as a registered natural health product. 

We (and the FUM company) recommend Young Living therapeutic essential oils because we know the source (Young Living owns their own farms and works closely with certified partner farms), you can even go and visit their farms to see the growing, harvesting and distillation practices in person, we know there are never any fillers or synthetics used in the oils, we know pesticides are never used on their farms (just essential oils!) and we know the plants are farmed organically and ethically. Please never use store-bought (low grade) essential oils in your FUM. 


Use it Anywhere! Indoors too!


Convenient & healthy

Here’s Mike taking a “smoke break” at the Ag Centre - yes, indoors. Actually it’s a “no smoke, no vape, no heating element” kind of break. 

With a FUM you can use it anywhere - at work, in the car, in an airplane, and at parties where you can show it off and maybe convince your friends they, too, can be quitters!

Our package offer with  FUM, 14 wicks (cores) & a black pepper oil, $90. (Retail)

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If you’ve been on the FUM site you’ll know they are $40 US ($53 Cdn) plus the retail cost of oils.  (See oil prices below.)

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Order whatever oils you like (we recommend you start with at least 2 bottles of Black Pepper oil) and then message us about getting your FUM! 

Black Pepper & FUM Benefits

Black Pepper essential oil

 Black Pepper essential oil is made by steam distilling the berries of the pepper plant. 

The key constituents of this oil are:

  • Beta-Caryophyllene (25-35%) - this is also one of the main constituents in Copaiba and CBD & helps explain why Black Pepper essential oil helps with arthritis
  • Limonene (8-12%)
  • Sabiene (5-10%)
  • Alpha and Beta Pinenes (10-15%)

Google these constituents or search them in Pub Med to read about what they can do!

Young Living's Black Pepper essential oil is a registered natural health product with Health Canada for help relieving joint/muscle pain associated with sprains, strains & rheumatoid arthritis, when experiencing digestive discomfort it can act as a carminative and antispasmodic, it can help relieve headache, & can reduce the symptoms of cold & cough when inhaled.

Black Pepper oil WHOLESALE: $24.25 (5mL) (FUM sold separately)

Black Pepper oil RETAIL: $31.91 

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